ゲーム起業家精神|The Spirit of Game Enterprise

「TOKYO SANDBOX」は、ゲーム会社やゲーム新興企業と国際的な投資家やパブリッシャ―を結びつけるイベントです。
Tokyo Sandbox celebrates gaming independence by bringing together aspiring game entrepreneurs, investors and publishers.
Starting in 2015 as Tokyo Indie Fest, we are now a series of game events centered around the game developer community.
Tokyo Sandbox is a business platform organized by kulabo, Inc.
Through its activities, kulabo provides business support for content creators, in the form of business networks for funding, publishing and PR.


会社概要|Corporate Profile

事業内容:1. IT、経営、ビジネス等に関するアドバイス及びコンサルティング業。 2. ゲーム及びそのシステムの企画、開発、制作、運営におけるコンサルティング業。 3. 新規事業に関する企画、提案及びアドバイス業務。 4. 上記各号に付随する一切の業務。
役員:代表取締役社長 リム・ケヴィン・ヨン・ハン

kulabo was established in 2014 in Tokyo as a business platform to identify and support content creators with high potential for success.
Successful intellectual property transcends all mediums, and Japanese video gaming is one of the richest sources of IP.
Through Tokyo Sandbox, kulabo allows international investors and publishers unparalleled access to the Japanese market.

kulabo was founded by Kevin Lim, a long time Tokyo resident. Kevin is also a partner at IPC Ventures, a mobile-centric Venture Capital based in Dublin, Ireland.
Prior to this, Kevin spent 14 years in Executive Search in Asia Pacific for Banking and Finance, where he was ranked top Headhunter in Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities by AsiaMoney.

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12-7-2043 Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076 Japan