Coding for Life

会場/ Venue: 広尾学園/ Hiroo Gakuen
日時/ Date: 05/13・14

– Team Entries by end Feb 2018
– Independent teams (non-affiliated) are allowed to participate
– Team members must be aged from 13 ~ 16
– No limits on number of teams from each school
– Order of events and Prizes to be announced

– Set up day: 13th May Saturday from 14:00~19:00,
– Public Day: 14th May Sunday (Participants from 8:30~18:00, Public from 10:00~17:00)
– Teams will be provided with a reasonable sized space, tables, chairs, and power to exhibit.
– Teams will be notified of exhibition logistics before end April 2018
– Teams will be provided details for set up, loading and unloading of equipment.

Check out Coding for Life 2017 here.


What do you call your team?
If independent or non-affiliated, please type "Independent".
An approximate is OK too?
The person we should contact.
Tell us about your game. If you have not decided on a theme, it's OK to say so.