PUSH Game Developer Summit

Upcoming Events

05/10 – Game Pitch vol.1 ゲーム開発のアイデアを発表・共有しよう! 

During the Tokyo Game Show week, a select group of game entrepreneurs will be invited to present their ideas
and business models to peers, publishers and game investors.
It is a unique opportunity in Japan to share ideas and network within the video gaming start up community.
Mobile, PC and Console – all are welcomed.

「ゲーム開発のアイデアを発表・共有しよう! Game Pitch vol.1」は、

Past Events

05/10 – Investor Night|投資家イベント

A networking event where game creators can meet with game investors.
Yoshimi Yasuda from Kadokawa Games delivered the keynote speech,
discussing how game creators should consider all their funding options,
as well as smaller exits.
We also played host to a panel of investors from Stugan, NEXON, Angel Investors,
and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

05/11・12 – Game Developer Summit|ゲーム開発者サミット

Watch live video from TokyoSandbox on www.twitch.tv

Watch live video from TokyoSandbox on www.twitch.tv